Add favorite in Android version

I found there have already been add favorite in iPad version, but still not available in Android version, can you add it, thank you

It’s a planned work, hopefully there will be progress soon.

Wow, it planned in 2019, why wait so long?

Isn’t the Github issue I linked in my previous comment aiming to introduce the same functionality in Android?

No, they are different functions. In iPad version, I can add my favarite by myself, not based on my history.
But I can’t do the same thing in Android version.
In Android brave, I need to click menu->bookmark->link, at least 3 click to get to the site I would like to visit.

Android should support default favourites that can be customised instead of top tiles based on browsing history.

Yes, I get it, thanks. From 2019? it is too long.

The last modification of the Github issue was on 26th of October, the priority/P3 label was assigned then, which makes me think that Brave developers are looking forward to introducing the functionality in Android when they find the appropriate time for it.

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