Missing BAT, All gone

Just as they disappeared, my BAT Tokens are back today. Thanks for your help.

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My BAT disappeared too, and auto-contribute turned itself on. I also noted a strange website listed as the #1 site I had visited despite the fact I think I had visited that site one time in the last few weeks.


I can can confirm that this has also happened to me.

Auto-contribute has always been off for me, I was saving those to withdraw them later on to my Uphold account, and now they are all gone due to this issue.

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How can you tell the difference, BAT ‘grants’/ BAT?

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Did you facilitate them coming back or did they just appear?

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I’ve got the same issue : lost my 180 BATs after a Ubuntu reinstallation and a restore of my wallet. I already posted in the forum 10 days ago and got no answer yet :frowning_face: (post link : https://community.brave.com/t/lost-my-bats-after-restore-linux-ubuntu/)
I would really appreciate any help… or would like to know, at least, if they are definitively lost.

Thank you in advance.

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I just noticed today that I have the same issue. I am pretty sure I had 150+, close to 200BAT and suddenly I am down to 22? Has anyone figured out why this is happening yet?

Is this a security issue? :confused:

@Asad - can you help with this?

I have the same issue, restored a wallet on Windows (was on Linux) and the ~15 BAT I had already claimed disappeared. Have emailed refunds@brave.com with diagnostic data but no reply (not even an automated message). There are quite a few of these issues on the Brave subreddit too, but with no replies. Communication could definitely be improved.
edit: I never had auto-contribute enabled.

Please send an email to refunds@brave.com with your brave://rewards-internals data and the estimated amount of BAT you lost if you have not done so already.

We will be processing a large batch of refunds soon. These are time-consuming, and a manual process, so please bear with us. Thank you

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Thanks for the reply, that’s good to hear. Hopefully once this is sorted and Sync works I can more easily recommend Brave to people!

Hello @asad greetings, I wanted to notify that yesterday I lost all the bats of the announcements that I have accumulated in the month of April, the brave browser presented a bug and restored the configuration and the only option was to configure everything new although it was always configured well since January that I have been using this browser and there was no other option to do and for that reason my bats had been completely lost. Then I recovered them by doing the restoration of the wallet and I created a new internals rewards configuration, I want to know if this is going to cause me problems to charge for my ads on May 5? I hope a response first of all thank you very much.

@ragr28 you should be fine, just make sure your Uphold account is KYC’d and connected to your browser. If you have any issues, please let us know.

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Thank you very much for answering so far I only had that problem yesterday on my son’s PC but he has already obtained his payment 3 months in a row in his browser without problems and his uphold account is kyc’d. But on my pc I did have a problem with the announcements for the month of March that were not credited to me on April 5, but that case is still under review and is being taken by steeven. I hope it can be solved soon. thanks for everything.

Thanks for responding here, I just sent an email to the group, we appreciate your response here informing us what to do

Hey Sampson, I am having a similar problem.

  1. I have seen the tokens resetting to 8.3 (once in the month of April, and once now) from one of my another device
  2. May 6th, tokens where supposed to get into my wallet. But it hasn’t. And now the payment date changed to june 6th.

what about Android app how we ask for refund where is our id what details we send to get refund

Hi @sohail75286 - Please see this post for an explanation - May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors.

brother i have 53 plus bat this month if i claim to brave wallet not in uphold account anyway but why they cut half if they give then why not full amount

I had around 50.9 BAT. Just now changed to 15.9 BAT!


Asad, it’s too tiresome to lose all the coins on the same date it was supposed to reach the wallet. I expected a little accuracy in mining as binance itself give a hand for brave venture