Missing BAT, All gone

Same here, all BAT are gone after auto-contribute auto-turned itself ON.

Has this issue been resolved yet? I still have not gotten my bat back and I don’t see a resolution anywhere? Is there something I need to do to get them back or are they gone forever?


Hello? Can we please get an answer?

Just wanted to let you guys know that I got my lost BAT back since yesterday. Suddenly I am sitting at 270 BAT (initially ~130 then down to ~75 because of the bug and since yesterday it´s 270).

Missing BAT too, I don’t even see the History to see where they wend, I’m using 2 computers with the same Recovery key, one shows 2 BAT and the other one shows 0 BAT, I’m missing more than 50


I am still short 170 to 200 bat. I Just recall the usd amount so thats a conversion.

Sitting at 0.00 bat right now.

HELP! already emails support.

I had close to, if not more than 200 bat earned from ads. I now only have 35. Any update on this issue?

Had the same issue. Restored my wallet as I usually did then discovered most of my BAT was gone. Contacted support and they refunded around half of what I used to have then claimed the rest I was missing was due to market fluctuations.

Can you guys at least come out with a statement on what happened? I’m assuming it’s permanently gone at this point. Fine, whatever, but I’d appreciate some honesty and what you’re planning on doing in the future to prevent this.

Is BAT being killed off already? What’s up?

Hi i had the same problem i opened brave and all my BAT was gone, i forgot how much i had and i tried to restore my wallet but nothing happened.

i to am missing bat rewards

Yes apologies for the inconvenience while your getting payed and we are viewing your ads and losing our BAT due to your “inconvenience” & while completly ignoring your users and ignoring the need to refund our losess, it’s like hey, gather 500 BAT, brave will do a update, your 500 BAT will be lost, and “we apologize for the inconvenience” … this is really bad marketing for u

Still missing BAT. I agree that it’s not very bright that Brave gets to send Ads that we won’t get paid to see. Why the radio silence from this development team?

Since today I have the same problem. My BAT balance went down from about 150 to 21.

Same problem here. My BAT balance went down from about 250 to 65 BAT

Windows 10 64 bit

Brave Browser:
[Version 1.5.115 Chromium: 80.0.3987.149 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

Just as they disappeared, my BAT Tokens are back today. Thanks for your help.

My BAT disappeared too, and auto-contribute turned itself on. I also noted a strange website listed as the #1 site I had visited despite the fact I think I had visited that site one time in the last few weeks.