Missing BAT, All gone

I had aproxamatley 30$ worth of BAT and now i have .20 cents. I haven’t done anything with it, no updates that i know of, no computer issues, so im at a loss. Any ideas what happened? and how can I attempt to get it back. And to my knowledge this was earned BAT.


Hello, Mike. I’d be happy to help investigate

Do you have Auto-Contribute enabled?

If not, could you please share the following:

  • Version of Brave being used
  • Type of device, as well as which OS/version
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1.3.115 is the version. I don’t have auto contribute enabled. and Im on my PC windows 10 version 1903

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There are couple of people having this problem (including myself). Yesterday I had ~135 BAT which went down to only 72 magically (auto contribute disabled). I also run version 1.3.115 but on win10 x64 1909.

There are more people here:

Half of my earnings is gone:

If you could, please email me (sampson@brave.com) a screenshot of your about:version, about:rewards and about:rewards-internals pages, along with a rough estimate of how many tokens you believe have gone missing. Please use the subject-line “Missing Tokens”.

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Moving my post from another thread that I created that has bee closed. Having same issue.:


I lost over half of my BAT after the recent browser update to 1.3.115. It went from 293.5 to about 128.2. All I did was restart after the update last evening and it was gone. I do not have auto-contribute on and never have. How do I get my BAT back???

Edit: Restoring my wallet using my passphrase did not bring back the BAT that I lost.


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Ok cool. I just emailed you. Let me know if you needed different screenshots. Thanks again.

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I’m having the same issue too.

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I’m having the same issue too.

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We’ve confirmed there is an issue, and are investigating from our end. We’ll have more details to share very soon. Thank you all for the reports, and extra assistance.


I am missing mine as well. Do we need to send in details or will they come back when the issue is fixed?

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I had 80 bat taken from my wallet too.

i am missing my BAT aswell. need help please

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Hi Sampson,

I am having the same issue and struggling to find any help with my first post. Could you please look into my case as well? I should have about 81 BAT but now for some reason I only have 35.5 BAT.

Could I please send you an email with information you would need?

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Earl Cottrell BAT Wallet

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I just want to throw in that I’m having the same issue as well. Thanks for look into things, team!

Also running 1.3.115 on Ubuntu, the ads you see dont count, ive seen 10 ads today but the counter is still showing the same number …

The earnings from ads display is only available on PC?

Look at my thread on here. Someone is hacking massive amounts of BAT

This is the address doing it. Cmon BAT team why aren’t you paying attention

The BAT holdings just went up $1,000 in BAT since I posted my thread.

Look at this. There is a breach of somekind

BTW the BAT was stolen yesterday.

Nope, it works on Linux as well