Missing BAT, All gone

It isn’t on mobile devices I meant to say.

Yesterday 2/9/20 Brave browser took 1/2 of my coins from my wallet without warning.
I tried to restore the wallet but the coins are still missing. I had 80 bat taken from me.

Is this normal for the brave wallet to take your coins? Is the wallet really that unstable?
How do I get my coins back??

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Hey There,
I have the same problem. The last time I checked my BAT balance was like about 160 to 180 BAT which was last week when I claimed the month’s rewards. Just yesterday when I checked, it was down to 87 BAT.
I don’t know what is the problem here.
Can somebody help!!!

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Same here I have lost 130 BAT after the new update,I have tried to restore my wallet still I have the same problem and my auto contribution is also off
Please help

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Hi, got exactly the same, over 80 BAT taken? How is this possible? Smells like another S C A M…sorry for the word cause I love Brave, but…

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Same goes for me, yersterday I had around 140 - 170 BAT, and after claiming my rewards, it was down to 96 (The thing is that I’m pretty sure it’s the amount of BAT I had last time I saved my wallet with a recovery code).

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@Scooter is it possible these were BAT grants? BAT grants expire after awhile if they are unused.

Also, as a general update – the team is definitely aware of this issue and are actively working on a fix.

As always we appreciate everyone’s patience big time. We’re still in the thick of scaling up so many aspects of Rewards and ask for your continued support and patience. :slight_smile:

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Same problem here. I went from 173 BAT to 35bravebrowser

I don’t really think, it’s only a couple. It’s been probably thousands. Imagine 100k people lost 30$ it’s 3mln $…

nasty case


No…The missing coins is not from Grants. This is my bat earnings from watching adds.

80 taken.

We have identified a number of issues with the Ads platform and are working hard on a fix :slight_smile: Apologies for the inconvenience!

Same here. Down from 201.5 to 36.2. Ads are running fine as usual. Thanks for looking into the issue. Just wanted my missing BAT documented as well.

I’m having a similar problem. I had over 120 BAT and now it’s saying I have 15.8 Also, on the reward summary, it’s only showing me receiving BAT from the previous 2 months, although I’ve been on the platform for almost a year. I had an occurrence of losing BAT before, but I never brought up the issue.


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Hello - Its says I’m not connected, and no BAT are showing now ? Is this a common activity, or is brave just updating ? 2/16/2020 Date Stamp

Just wanted to add my use case in case it helps.

I use two different profiles, one for work and one for personal use. I restored my personal profile’s wallet on my work profile (both browser profiles share the same recover key), and this worked as intended. I was able to see my BAT on both profiles. With the latest update (I think?!?), I don’t see my BAT in the original profile, but I still see it in my work profile.

Personal Profile BAT

Work Profile BAT

Yep. Same for me too. After viewing ads since it was possible to do so, I seem to have only 6.75 BAT. Must’ve lost over a 100 over the last few months. Any help appreciated.

After transferred to new browser, All of my BAP are gone too.
I lost all of my BAT Points back in January so this is 2nd time now :grinning:
Auto-Contribute are turned off, and also tried .116 version but no luck.
Can you please help me?