Mirror vertical tabs so that new tabs are at the top

Mirror vertical tabs so that new tabs are at the top.

I switch between new tabs a lot.
But in vertical tabs they are at the very bottom of the list.
It’s hard for the eyes to look down and to the left all the time.
And a bit lazy to move the mouse cursor down there.

I’d like a feature (possibly an optional checkbox)
To mirror the entire vertical tab bar. So that
recently opened tabs will appear at the very top of the list.
The oldest tabs are at the bottom.

New Tab button.

I click the ‘open new tab’ button very often.
In horizontal tabs, this [+] button is always easily accessible at the top for the mouse cursor and for the eyes.
In vertical tabs, it is at the very bottom.

I would really like this button somewhere nearby.
To the right of the adress bar would be perfect.
To the left of ‘Search tabs’.
The ‘New Tab’ option in the ‘Add to sidebar’ button menu.
To the right of Expand Tabs in Vertical tabs.

Open in new window.

When I click any link open in new tab,
I have to scroll down the vertical tabs to switch to that tab.
I would like the vertical tabs to automatically scroll to the new opened tab, so that it is instantly available in the field of view to click on it without scrolling.

Thanks for doing Vertical Tabs. It seems to improve focus immediately. Also it removes that feeling of unfinished tasks when you look at 40 opened horizontal tabs.

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