[Vertical Tab] Allow double click in empty space below the tabs to create a new tab

Love the vertical tabs, but to create a new one I have to move my mouse all the way down to the “plus”’ sign to add a new tab. This can be a bore if you have a very big desktop screen. It would be much more practical to allow double click near the tabs, in the empty area below it, to just create a new tab. I know there is a keyboards shortcut, but if I have my mouse already near the tabs, it would be so easy to just pop one up.


I came here to request moving the “New Tab” link higher somehow. I completely agree, pinning it to the bottom is frustrating.

Either adding a “+” at the top. I like your idea of double-clicking, but that may not be intuitive or obvious so why not put the “+ New Tab” immediately below the last tab, which is exactly where it is when the tabs are horizontal.


Also loving the new tabs feature, and I agree that the ‘new tab’ button is a little lost down there.

I also think the ‘filter tabs’ drop down list should be integrated at the top of vertical tabs when the latter is enabled, simply filtering that list rather than displaying another one.