Vertical tabs: most recent tabs at top

Current behaviour: in the vertical tabs list, new tabs are opened below the existing ones.
Suggested behaviour: when an option in the browser is checked, new tabs are opened above existing ones.
Reason: in some desktop environments (e.g. Gnome, Unity-like DEs), much of the use of the cursor is at the top and left of the screen, as that is where the menus are. Having new tabs open at the top of the list means that the tabs you are likely to need to switch between (your most recent ones) are closer to the cursor. Having to mouse down to the bottom of the list every time you wish to switch tabs is inefficient and offsets some of the benefits of having vertical tabs, making it much less appealing.

(Having new tabs close to the back/forward buttons is also handier, for the same reasons as discussed above.)

This is similar to this post: Newly opened Vertical tab should either add to the top, or scroll to the bottom. I am creating a new request because my motivation is different; specifically, my request is motivated by better integration with the desktop environment the user has.

Many thanks.