Brave not printing properly on PayPal site

PayPal site not printing properly in Brave. When I go to print a receipt, no text shows up on the preview nor does any text appear on the print out.**

How can this issue be reproduced?

1.Launch Brave
2.Login to PayPal
3.Open a transaction receipt.
5. Turn of Shields and try printing again

Expected result:
Print preview will show all images and complete text and the print out will have all images and text

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:
I’m using Windows 7 PC

If you were to use the Windows system print settings instead of Braves, does the same page print out without issue?

@Mattches, I tried that and it still had the same issues.

I’m just curious if its only on Brave/paypal that you see this issue or if you can print other websites (or any content) from the same printer/pc without any issue?

As of yet, it only seems to be an issue when printing PayPal receipts. When I print the same receipt in Chrome, there’s no issue.

Tested this in my transaction (nytimes) to paypal, just using print-to-pdf (I don’t have a printer)

Try in private mode, disable all extensions?

Attached is a screenshot. It looks the same whether I send to printer or save as PDF. I don’t have any extensions that I’m aware of. You’re suggesting trying a private window?

Yeah, try in private window mode. (clear cookies/cache) and re-login.

I tried that and still no go. However, there was no logging in or out involved. I’m not using a profile. This is so strange, and frustrating. I’d like to ditch Chrome altogether, but cannot while this print issue is still there. As I work in accounting, I need to do this daily!

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