Metamask slowness

I was previously using Metamask on Chrome (Windows) and it was fine. But as soon as I switched to Brave on the same machine, it’s been VERY slow in responding. By ‘slow’, I mean minimum 10 seconds for the box to appear when I click on it in the top-right, or if a Dapp/Dex needs a transaction to be approved then it usually takes 20+ seconds for the box to appear. It can be a pain when yield farming because I’m constantly moving money around.

I’m also convinced that the slowness contributes to more failed transactions, because when I’m swapping a token, the Dex obviously has a conversation rate, but by the time Metamask wakes up, the conversation rate may have changed, to by that time there is slippage and so it fails.

It is not linked to any hardware wallet, it’s just normal Metamask.

I use about 10 different networks and they all behave like this.

I doubt very much that this is a cache/reset problem, because it was working all OK on Chrome for me, then the moment I switched to using Brave (when transaction history would have been empty) I noticed it slow down significantly.

Any ideas?

@usr2 ,

Something in the following, may apply:

Hi, thanks for the link. There’s nothing there for me to try, but at least I can add my info to that thread

Can you please tell me what version of Windows and Brave you’re using at this time?

Happens on both of my machines.

Desktop is Windows 10 21H1 19043.1526
Laptop is Windows 10 21H2 19044.1526

Brave 1.35.103 installed on both

@usr2 ,

There is a MetaMask Community:

Thanks, but they just say that it works fine on Chrome for me, so it must be a Brave issue

Just to answer a couple of question asked above that I missed:

No, Metamask is the only slow extension. I have other extensions (some of them crypto wallet, some not) and they all open fine, within less than 2 seconds, and approving transactions from clicks in websites is about 2 seconds as well.

Secondly, browsing in general is fine in Brave. It’s just the MM extension

Metamask is taking 15 seconds to fully open on Brave and be ready to sign a transaction. Have no idea whats going on. It’s the only extension I have in Brave e both Brave and Metamask are updated to the latest releases. I tested on Firefox and opened in 4 seconds

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