Brave 1.34.81 being slow on Windows 7

Description of the issue:
Just using Brave with one windows, making queries and openning Metamask is super slow since the 1.34.81 version.
Is there any other version that would be optimized for Win7?

How can this issue be reproduced?

1.Open a few tabs, open Metamask, go and get a coffee, Metamask is still not openned.

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Additional Information:
Using Windows 7, I7 intel @ 2GHZ and 8 Go RAM.


Is it only MetaMask that is opening slowly? Do other extensions (if you have any) work as expected? Additionally, does the browser itself perform slowly (visiting sites, opening new tabs, etc) or is it performing normally?


I’ve tried different things and I’ve found that Metamask is making Brave super slow as soon as I’m starting to use it.
I’ve updated MM to 10.9.0, I’ll let you know if it has fixed the issue.


Did Metamask 10.9.0 fix the issue?

Just to contribute to this…

I also have extreme slowness whilst using Metamask with Brave (totally fine with Chrome).

Here’s the link to my thread for more info in case it helps: Metamask slowness

I’m using Metamask 10.9.3, and Brave 1.35.103, but this is my first time using Brave so I can’t compare with previous versions.

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