Merrill Edge login block presents a frowning face after loading





Merrill Edge login block presents a frowning face after loading

It is located on top left of page at

all shields are turned of browser is on android mobile device with
Desktop Site checkbox checked

Brave 1.5.6

Thanks for reaching out.
On my end, the site seems to load without issue, even after navigating to the Sign-in link. Can you change the site to mobile view instead?

mobile works fine with box unchecked but i prefer the desktop site on my phone

desktop version works fine on google chrome and firefox

cleared cookies and data but the same issue now for last few releases of Brave!

Can you share an image of where the “frowning face” appears on the page? I seem to be able to navigate the site without encountering one so I want to make sure I’m following the right steps.

That’s very strange – can you switch to mobile view, then login, then change back to desktop to browse?

i login using the login on the far upper right, it works fine after that

the login window is rendered initially but as soon as it seems ready to accept the ligin info it goes to the frowny face

i assume the javascript or css managing the window is crashing ?

one other quirky thing with the merrill site are the pulldowns once you get into their site

way too often selecting the pull down causes it to execute the first item in the pull down rather than just presenting the pulldown menu, it seems to have to to with how adept one is with applying the stylus for just the right duration

chrome 80.0.3987.119 works fine in desktop setting

the quirky pulldown issue i described for Brave also shows up in Chrome and Firefox, must he a script thing on merrill’s side ?

Yes that’s likely on their side. And I’m wondering if the login frame will render and log you in while in mobile view, then if it will stick after switching back to desktop.

loging in mobile then logging out and switching to desktop doesnt help

the desktop frame still dies just at the piint where it fills in the default explanatory login and password text UserID and Password

the mobile window has a quite different layout

hmmmm this alternative login renders correctly in desktop

its the link that comes up after the url gets you in works in desktop,

it’s the URL they use internally after gets you in

any updates to report ? latest Brave release still showing the same behavior on my Android phone.

so what is going on there at Brave ? no solutions ?

what is the frowny face supposed to be indicating ? script not loaded ? script failure ? ???.

Yes, it’s indicating that the browser is unable to display the form fields in that frame. However, as I said previously, I’m unable to reproduce this issue on Android, iOS or Desktop. The login fields appear for me as intended.

What I would suggest if you’re still running into the issue is:

  1. Try clearing cache/site data for the website, then try once again to view the login fields in desktop mode.
  2. Visit the site and login while viewing the site in mobile view, then if you’re able to sign in, return the site to desktop view.

ok well i wont pester you anymore

the merrill site works fine on chrome and brave uses a chrome with its proprietary modifications

i will just use straight up chrome

for what it is worth …
i do notice the frowny face on occassion on yahoo’s financial pages in some of their ad frames

stay healthy, this corona stuff is a lot of hype n hysteria at this point

@hikerbiker btw, If you Allow all Cookies in Shields, it’ll get rid of that error on the main page.