I am not able to get to a login page for a site that I was using on brave until about a week ago

I use Brave for work. I was able to log into my company business site until about a week ago. NOW, when I click Login, it takes me back to the landing page.

Are you able to share more details about this problem? For example, the URL, the software or authentication system it’s using.

I go to the landing page for doterra, I use the drop down menu to click Login.
After I click login, it brings me back to the landing page.
I am able to get on that site with chrome, but I prefer NOT to use that browser.
I tried to login with brave private browser and I am getting the same issue.

We’ve opened an issue for this as well as submitted a fix for it. Should see it pushed into the next browser update:

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Is there a workaround for now or do I have to wait ?
When is the next update?

Based on the logged issue above, Allowing All Cookies from https://www.doterra.com/US/en seems to fix this, @dydc.

So try it via Brave Shields icon. The one on URL bar.

YES!!! it works thank you so much

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