Menu for Vertical Tabs's Group is always hidden under the vertical tabs menu. Right-click Tab Group fails

Problem: In Vertical Tabs, the Tabs list always hides the vertical tabs menu when I right-click and try to access the menu (change name, change color, or any other actions).

Does anyone have any recommendations that I can implement locally or does this need a ticket/Pr for a fix?

I’ve had this issue ever since I started using Brave, in late 2021, so this has occurred on each of the most recent Release Brave builds for this machine. As for build numbers, I always update to the most recent MacOSX and Brave builds when they come out, so for attempts to reproduce, just use the latest MaxOSX/builds.

Partial workaround. Put vertical tabs into icons only and view/access the rest of the right-click menu div.

Attempts to Fix Today: I spent the last 1.5 hours trying to finally fix this for good, but to no available. I removed Brave from applications, the info in Applications Support/Brave Software, redownload, reinstall, test by creating a Vertical tabs group and right click. Maybe within a minute of installation, the Brave broswer reverts to the problematic behavior and is no longer fixable. I tried this process probably 5-6 times, along with a laptop restart, before the behavior became → install → issue already there from the beginning of the installation.

I think this is a machine or maybe a M1 Pro specific issue, because my work machine (lets say Machine 2) running a M2 Pro with the latest Brave build release and the same tabs, settings, etc (via sync) on Machine 1 (M1 Pro) has none of these issues.

Tech Specs
MBP 14 2021 w/ M1Pro
MacOSX. Always the latest
Brave. Always the latest

I also have a 30s video showing other attempts to use this. Can if requested

I’ve only seen this reported once in Community

The closest thing I could find on Github was the following

After the most recent update from today (9/14), this seems to no longer be an issue.

However, a new issue that came up is that, when the Brave web browser is in full screen, the entire vertical tabs menu bar disappears and it looks like it doesn’t exist. Only when I exit out of full screen do I see the vertical tabs. Seems like someone shared this as Vertical Tabs Disappear in Full Screen Tile Mode

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