May rewards get down by a lot

I’m posting this here… It seems the amount of BATs gets dryer with time

Date : 30 May

Date : 1 June

and 30 seconds later the amount has changed to

We will see in 15 days how much I received…


Brave is aware of the issue and working on the problem. Posted a response from a moderator in a similar topic below. Pretty sure Brave is working on this in the background. I had a couple of profiles with this issue and one has corrected but the other still has the issue. Hopefully, Brave will get everything corrected by payout completion.

Payment has arrived… For once the difference is not that bad, but the remaining if quite a bit different.

Amount has been increase by 0.04 BAT, and remaining by 2.0 BAT (this is more than the week gain) since 1 June 2022

Payments are still processing for Gemini ( Brave Ads Payout status). Please wait until payments for Gemini are complete. You may get an additional payout. If you still have an issue, you can submit a request for support to take a closer look using the form linked below.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m happy to report I received 0.25 bat on 18 June ! the letf 4 BATs are now grown to 7.

Have you submitted a request for support staff to take a closer look at your issue? Reposting link to form.