🆘 Less earnings


Please send me your wallet payment ID, found on your brave://rewards-internals page.

Thank you.


I sent it.
Thank you :+1: :pray:

hi @ams did you get any positive response from BAT team ? What’s the conclusion ?

hi @Mattches almost everyone is facing this issue. Whats the matter ?

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We have identified this issue and are working to resolve it. We appreciate your patience.


For information, I had the same issue
I had accumulate in May more than 14 BAT and only 0.19 are distributed for May

Many users are encountering this and the team is working on resolving the issue presently.


Thank you, Mattches!! :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

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you recommend something to earn more rewards…

Did you resolve it? I am asking because

Should have gotten around 7 according to both my devices estimate combined. Just feels wrong seeing 23 BAT being 8,90 Euros :smiley:


I’m in the same. I earned more than 11.8 BAT in May and got paid 0.205 BAT today :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

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which county ad campaign you have
basically in which country you live

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hope you take caer of the issue, for all. Even i’m seeing a tiny fraction of actual earning!!

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For the 3rd time this year payment has failed to arrive. I get the notification that my payment is here but it never goes into my wallet and I have missed out on over 25 BAT at this point.

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i have quiet similar issue i already received the bats and an icon says are on the way XD

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it sais that is on the way


I was expecting 1.8 Bat but i received only 1.5. pls fix this @Mattches


Hello my friend! Full disclosure, I am not employed by, nor am I representing Brave… Im Just an avid user assising the Brave community where I can… Im not sure how long you’ve been receiving BAT rewards, but this post by @steeven covers the most common scenarios that arise when BAT rewards arent as expected. :point_down:t2::point_down:t2::point_down:t2:

"Please make sure that you are using the latest version of the browser 15.2k as it includes important fixes and updates that help ensure a smooth payout process

Didn’t receive your payout or only received a portion of it? Here are some things to consider first.

Are payouts still processing?
Although Brave Ads payout transactions begin on 7th of each month, it may take several days to fully process the large list of transactions. You may therefore see other users receiving their payouts before yours arrives. Additionally, if you are using Brave Rewards on multiple devices, they may be paid out at separate times – that is, you may receive payment for one of your devices before the other(s).

Are you included in the payout period?
Please note that the payout beginning on June 7th is for Brave Ads earnings throughout May (plus any BAT you’ve accumulated before that). If you only recently enabled Brave Ads (for example, on June 2nd, 2022), you will receive your payout in next month’s payout period.

“Why is my payment amount different than what my ‘estimated earnings’ was showing”?
This is perfectly normal! Sometimes ads do not fully reconcile (“cash in”) before the end of the payment period. So while this does appear in your Estimated earnings in real time, unreconciled funds will not appear in the current month’s payout and will instead be “rolled over” into next month’s payment.

Maybe you received it!
If you do not have a verified wallet, you will need to go into your Brave Rewards settings and look for a “Claim your ad earnings now!” button. You must click that button in order to claim your BAT payout. If you do have a verified wallet, your payout will be deposited automatically into your Brave Rewards wallet and Uphold account. Please double-check if it’s there! (Usually, Uphold will send you an e-mail receipt of the payout transaction."

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I didn’t get rewards on Gemini for April and May ???


Not sure if you’ve found a remedy to this, but youll want to “tag” one of the Brave Support members (@) so that they see your message. Im not someone who can answer that question for you so I wanted to mention it… Im sure you probably know that already, but I know that sometimes myself, I forget to add a tag. Ok, probably more than just “sometimes”! Lol :upside_down_face::+1:
Hope it’s already been taken care of, but just in case, good luck my friend! :pray::four_leaf_clover:

Every time from the beginning of using Brave, I always saw the Earning section was a lot more BAT (i got like 6 BAT in the beginning of the month) And I always got my Earning section divided by 3 rounded to 0 at the end. And also I got the issue where I waited all month for my rewards to come to me because I failed bot check. Edit: I’ve been using Brave for approx. 6 months. I never withdrawn my balance because of Gemini passport verification.