Are there someone to help me please just 1.5 bat this month

hi every body and support it’s been 1 month that I ask for help my browser does not work well and I lose each time all my rewards pending but weighs the support helps me reset each time I make an update or that I close the browser.
I would like to resolve the problem but nobody helps me I speak alone.
steeven sent me the rewards for may because i had the same problem i received 3.5 bat in may and this month 1.5 bat for almost 525 pubs so please help me check what i have won while i use brave all the time
it no longer makes me want to actually on a beta version look my payout for june

Hey @steeven, I’m facing the same problem this month. My earnings were 17.5 BAT for June and I received only 0.45 BAT with a message saying that they were June payout.

yes but me all the month my estimated pending rewards reset each time i do update or close browser you to?

I’ve received my payment without any issues till now. But this month, everything’s going haywire. The Brave Browser rewards haven’t been received for many yet. The Publisher’s payout report is still generating. Looks like Brave got things messed up this month.

there are many many problem i dont understand the time saved is for what i dont undersant how whe reive ads and my disapear do i dont know

I’ve just recieved my June ad earnings. Hope you receive it soon too.

ok thanks to told me me i wait 25 bat approximatly i received just 1.5 bat lol
and what time is it in your conutry?

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