May and June Brave payout did not reach uphold

May and June Brave payout did not reach uphold.
My wallet is verified and as I expected, I was not rewarded this month either.
I don’t want to know about sending data to support, because I’ve sent it many times and there was no solution.
So, please don’t ask me to keep sending stuff to support that doesn’t solve anything.


I am also having this exact same issue with my verified Gemini account. Reached out to support but nothing was resolved.

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Bro… Iam in the same situation. I see on dashboard “your reward of may +0.941 are coming” but in 4 days i dont receive nothing on uphold

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Same situation for me. Last month was my first time in over a year to not receive my monthly payment, contacted support, they supposedly fixed the problem and I should have received this month both pending payments but nothing. Didn't receive my Uphold payment (plus another one pending last month)

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I did receive my Brave Rewards in BAT last month (May). Those BAT were transferred automatically to Uphold after the 7 day wait period. However, the June Rewards I’ve earned do not appear as a deposit on Uphold for June. The red icon on this page states that verified Uphold Accounts have been processed. Is it possible that there are still issues to be ironed out? Thank you

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I am also having this problem not recieving my BAT

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Yesterday, my BATs that were about to arrive, disappeared and it didn’t go to my wallet or to cry out.
I can see that it has now become a lottery. must be choosing who will receive and who will not.
Second month without my rewards.

Same situation, theres any solution?

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same but mine was from april till now no reward

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To me it said may rewards are on the way, but the balance never updated in my wallet. Then today it does not say that anymore, simply vanished.

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same, the rewards disappeared after saying they are dispatched.

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did not get april and may rewards

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I did not get my June Deposit Rewards of 4.5 BAT, it shows it transferred on Brave but does not show it in Gemini.


How long I will have to wait for the rewards?
I have not received May & June rewards. Is there anyone from the team who is seriously looking at this issue? @steeven

Same here, no June payout yet. I thought the problem was solved :frowning:

Try this?

  1. Verify your country is still eligible to have Rewards deposited to a custodial account (Gemini or Uphold).

    NOTICE: New region restrictions on verifying Brave Rewards with Gemini

    NOTICE: New region restrictions on Uphold (very important info for users in Hawaii)

    India: Verifying Brave Rewards with Uphold temporarily unavailable

    Wallet Connections are Temporarily Blocked in Turkey

    Changes to Brave Ads Regional Availability

  2. If you have a Rewards statement, submit a request for Brave support using the form linked below. Also submit a support request with your custodial provider and attach a screenshot of your Rewards statement.

  1. If you do not have a Rewards statement, submit a request for Brave support using the form linked above.

  2. If you have already submitted a request

    • and you have received an email from support, use the email to follow-up and ask for a status update.
    • and you have not received an email, follow-up using the form. If you have a ticket# include the ticket#. You could also DM the moderators asking if they could check the status. Make sure you include the email you used when you submitted your support request. They may or may not respond.

In all cases, when you submit a request, whether new or as a follow-up, make sure you are providing all the information requested and as much detail as possible and include new information (like a ticket#). Forms submitted without all information requested (even if submitted previously) may be closed without notice.

I know this is a little long, trying to cover all scenarios. Hopefully the information will help you decide on a course of action. Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Mine also not. Ive tryed to write support. But these are all. No respond emails. My wallet is also verified

Hi everyone,

I would like to thank everyone for sharing their feedback and concerns in this post.

We understand that it might be frustrating not knowing why you have not been receiving your payout for this current cycle and previous months.
Please be reassured that we are aware of the matter and will bring this to the attention of the team for further investigation.

In the meantime we ask that you kindly submit the information surrounding your issue to our Support Form, from there so we can take a closer look at your case.

Thank you.

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Stop using uphold, they closed my account, took all my BATs

I also did not receive any BAT for June month and also can’t connect to neither Gemini nor Uphold.