No May, June rewards!

I haven’t received my May and June payouts although it says I did!

Payout still processing.

Please wait till it’s completed. If you still don’t receive, ping here.

This is for July, where are the June and May rewards? I still didn’t receive any! The last payment was in April 2023.

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I opened 4 ticket and I still have no replay for weeks

When did you raise one ? Also share the ticket ID you received in the email you submitted for the ticket.
Support is having a lot of tickets to handle in, so its taking upto 2 to 3 weeks for them to reply. Please be patient.

Having the same problem. I have been receiving rewards to uphold for years and for the past 3 months I have not gotten any, even though the browser says I have.

I also have not received my may or June payouts. My ticket is 200376 l. I haven’t received anything about this since June 20 when the asked for my Gemini deposit address.

Your case number for this ticket is 202997
Jun 24, 2023

Same issue here. When it showed me the Congrats! your rewards have arrived, and my balance didn’t change I checked my history and discovered that I didn’t receive a payout last month either.

Same issue, have been using brave since 2020 never had this problem. May and June payments are missing, probably July one also.

I already submitted a ticket (ID 206373).

Same here… No rewards at all last month, and yet again this month. I’ve used Brave since day one. First they slash ad payouts by over 90% now we’re not getting paid at all. This is absolute BS!

Same problem here! i have been receiving my BAT rewards for 2 years and the last month i received payment was April 2023 - Payed out in early May. For May and June it says Congrats! Your May/June rewards have arrived! But i never received the payment. What is wrong? 2 months watchin adds for nothing?

I’m having the same problem, first I stopped receiving much less BAT per month, now since May I’ve been flagged and I don’t receive anything, the BAT mines just disappear saying it arrived in my UpHold however nothing ever arrives! SCAM!


Could you please submit the information surrounding your issue to our Rewards Support form. From there we can provide further assistance and investigate your case.

Thank you!