Brave rewards not credited on uphold

April payout not recieved in uphold
The payout status shows its completed
Please find a solution


Yes Guys I’m a facing the same issue
Hopefully we’ll get it soon


yes guys me also having same problem


Same here.

It’s been posted elsewhere that they are aware of the issue and are investigating, so guess all we can do is sit tight for now.

Seems to be a widespread issue, it would be good if the stickied message is updated to reflect this.

Same problem with me Not got any payouts

Same problem. I also read many threads but only gemini users started getting their rewards.


Yes no help for Uphold users.

Same here. I saw on another thread that they are working on this, but for some reason they decided to make the payment status “complete”, which creates confusion.


yes guys, same problem here

It seems they are done with Uphold March payouts :frowning: at least the status post shows that and all updates are about gemini only :frowning:

how would you call it, when they keep those Uphold march payouts eventually?

Same here. Awaiting march payout. they did send me 0.25 BAT on April 6th but have yet to receive the remainder.

Why does the pinned message say Upload Wallets: Payments complete?
Also, why is that in red? In the past, I have seen it in green.


the all we can do from your side is viral this post and let the post to be reached to concerned authorities


Update: I just received the remaining bat for march

Me also , but not completely

its same to me sir…im not received my payout in april

payout for April ad earnings

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