Sent MATIC from but it hasn't arrived

The transaction here: did not arrive in my Brave wallet.

I have seen other posts asking whether the MATIC network is visible, but I don’t see any way to make it visible or invisible, but I can see MATIC in list on the Portfolio screen (see screenshot below).

Please can someone point out what I might have done wrong? Thanks.

i see 125 matic tokens on the eth main net at address 0x0b02ee533830992D8A2e9591eb72A13F4e27D942

if that is your address, all good . you most likely just need to make them visible in the wallet.

hit the +visible asset button search matic and tick matic network token on ethereum mainnet

Hi Lowner,

I think I see the problem and it appears to be an issue on

You caused me to check the address closely, that it matches my actual wallet. I did and found this:

In the transaction record: 0x0b02ee533830992d8a2e9591eb72a13f4e27d942
Brave wallet: 0x0b02ee533830992D8A2e9591eb72A13F4e27D942
In confirmation email: 0x0b02ee533830992D8A2e9591eb72A13F4e27D942

The fact that the confirmation email received by them is true to my wallet, seems to indicate that I passed the correct wallet address to (I used the CR code), which they confirmed, but then messed it up in the transaction.

I think I need to take this up with, right?

i don’t think letter case matters, you probably just need to set matic erc tokens to visible in the wallet.

But in my original post, doesn’t the image posted show matic as being visible? I found the “visible” selection option and searched for any other matic entries in the list and couldn’t find any. It seems to me that it is already visible and shows zero balance.

Also, I got the following reply from, but I’m not sure how to check or answer them. Any advise would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

**** begin reply from ****
We would like to clarify that this should still have been received on the indicated wallet address (ETH/ERC-20 wallet addresses should not be case sensitive). Just to check on this, may we know if the indicated address you have placed is on the ERC-20 network or the MATIC network?

Please note that supports MATIC transfers through the Ethereum network / ERC-20 Network only.

**** end reply from ****


the image shows matic visible on it’s own network, not ethereum. instructions from my first reply.

Please search for MATIC and add the third one that you see (should be similar to the one below)

Dudes! You did it!

Thanks bros. I really thought I had lost that. I can see it now. I had the wrong MATIC visible :slight_smile:



Thanks for confirming. Closing the thread now. Please open a new one if you run into any issues