Binance-peg Matic doesn't show on Brave wallet

I have transferred MATIC from Binance exchange to my Brave wallet using BSC network, but it won’t show in the wallet. When checking my wallet’s address online it shows that the Matic tokens are there, but I can’t see them in the actual wallet… I have done the same with Cardano and few others and they appeared as Binance-peg tokens, but Matic didn’t appear at all. Any solution for this? Thanks

you have to add it to the visible assets list.

Thanks for your reply. It’s not listed on my Visible assets list though, do you know the parameters to add it manually?

been a while since I added it the contract address is

All sorted, got it in my wallet now. Thank you so much Mate!

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Glad your issue is resolved, and thanks @lowner for the assist!

Just wanted to mention here that we’re working on improving the user experience of adding custom tokens. So in the near future, Brave Wallet will be able to auto-discover tokens even if they are not present in the default tokens list.

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