Matic network balance not showing balance in brave wallet

Description of the issue:

Are you using the (new) [Brave Wallet] or the (old) [Crypto wallets implementation]?
Brave Wallet

How can this issue be reproduced?
Import my private key to Brave Wallet

Brave Version (check About Brave): v1.47.171

Additional Information:
Previously I could see the balance, imported in another wallet (metamask) to check and the balance is there, even in the android version my balance appears normal. Without the balance showing, I can’t do any transactions with them on my pc browser

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I don’t see anything related to Brave in your link. You seem to be a scammer. Waiting for another response

Grr, yep. Another scammer. Thankfully you didn’t fall for that one. I have it reported and we’ll get that account banned later.

@Aman_M would you have any thoughts here on what might be happening and how to get it showing?

@hub and @Evan123 would either of you be able to check this out.

@neroxyr Just FYI, they tend to work Monday through Friday here in USA time. Hopefully can get to you tomorrow. Just so you know, Hub and Evan123 are both staff with Brave. Then Aman_M is another User who has a lot more knowledge and experience with Wallet. I’m hoping between them all or one of the other staff, we can get this issue handled.

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@neroxyr Not sure, I’m able to see my balance, sometimes it takes a while though. Maybe try to switch All networks to Polygon Mainnet on your portfolio page.

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Thanks @Saoiray.
@Aman_M I switch network to only matic mainnet but still nothing shown. It keeps forever loading

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Thanks. This did it!!


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