Managing bookmarks and importing them

I recently swapped from Windows 7 to Linux, and about a month or so before that I swapped from Chrome to Brave. After installing Brave on my Linux machine, I realized I could not import my bookmarks from the file I exported on Win7. Luckily, I still had my Google account and the bookmarks in Google Chrome, and my bookmarks didn’t grow during that time, too, so I was able to sync it without losing any important stuff. I don’t remember the browser version, but if I recall correctly, I had only two or three updates after I swapped.

What I’d want to ask for is some sort of cloud bookmark management, but not the same as Chrome has. I know many people will say cloud should be avoided and not used or anything, but in my case and other people’s who have a ton of bookmarks it’s basically not worth it to use Brave just because of how easily you can lose all your bookmarks. It’s also a pain to use another browser just for cloud saving your bookmarks. I like Brave way too much to simply swap to Firefox or Vivaldi.

How would I see bookmark cloud manager:
It would be good to have a Brave browser account that stores your bookmarks on a server, and making it fully accessible by the user, to the point where they can upload a file with bookmarks and choose the backup you wanna use. Updating your bookmarks with a single click would also be a good idea, and eventually make a similar system to what Chrome has, where it updates the bookmarks each time you add a new one (which would be optional to use, since some people like it).

Would be cool if other people also wrote down how they’d like to see cloud saving, if they actually want it.
Hope some day we’ll get the developers to make such system. :stuck_out_tongue:

Brave Sync v2 will available for desktop and Android in the upcoming major release.

With Brave Sync, your be able to sync your bookmarks and other browser data across-devices.

And for this one, if you export your bookmarks as HTML, then it should work when you import as HTML to Brave.

Yeah I basically did this and importing didn’t bring my bookmarks to the browser. If I recall correctly, it happened on 9th or 10th of July, and since then there were two updates, so that might’ve just been a small bug or incompatibility issue with windows export. I know Brave is cross platform, so this is why I was quite confused when importing the bookmarks like 5 or more times didn’t do anything.

Is there a website where we can see what is coming in the next Brave updates? Or is it secret till it’s finished in a major part?

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