Import/Export HTML Bookmark File

On desktop versions you are able to HTML import/export the bookmarks. I always export by bookmarks on my computer weekly to ensure I do not lose my bookmarks. But on mobile this is not possible and if I am traveling it would be nice to be able to export bookmarks and then I can backup the HTML bookmark file to whatever cloud storage I use. If something happens to my phone, I can easily get my bookmarks back by accessing my cloud and importing them into Brave again.


+1 it’s really annoying when you lose all your mobile bookmarks when you reinstall the browser for example.


Until sync is fixed, this would be nice to have on mobile.

This would be really nice since then I could import my bookmarks catalogue from Opera. I use both browsers interchangeably, on both desktop & mobile. Opera & Brave both let me sync between devices within their own browser but I would like to import bookmarks (maybe even tabs?) from Opera.

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I know this is not a solution to your Brave issues but maybe you should have a look at a separate bookmark manager; if you rely that much on your bookmarks this might really make sense…

There a managers which automatically have a cloud backup, work on all mobile devices, have browser extensions for all platforms, are able to use advanced sorting methods lige tags etc. so you would tremendously benefit from using one, for example:

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Thank you so much! I had no idea that existed! I’m currently looking into Buku which is an open source self hosted bookmark manager, but this suggestion is really good too :slight_smile:

Great! Yes, there are many and I’m sure you’ll find something that works for you :slight_smile:

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