Can you Export bookmarks from Brave?

I installed Brave on my 2nd. PC and wish to import bookmarks from my Brave browser installed on my other PC. Is this possible, if so please explain how.

I guess perhaps one way is to copy the entire Brave folder to a USB and then transfer it to my 2nd. PC. Would this work?

Thank you for your time.

Hi @Razz,
Yes it’s possible to export your bookmarks as HTML. For steps to export/import your bookmarks

The easier method is by using Brave Sync to sync your bookmarks across devices.

Whichever you prefer.
Hope that can help.

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Thank you so much eljuno for your quick reply, I greatly appreciate it. I chose the export bookmarks as HTML option and it worked great.

The sync option wouldn’t work in my case because my wife is on my network and she has her own Brave bookmarks.

Glad to know its works.
Feel free to open a new thread if you have another questions/report.

Thanks for using Brave.

:+1: May all your days be great days.


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