Brave browser not saving auto-fill username/password!

Hello, I just upgraded to Brave browser from Google Chrome.

In Google Chrome the username and password will auto-fill. But in Brave this does not work. I have to click the empty box inside for the username/password to fill in.

Here’s an example of the issue I am speaking of.

This is what happens for example in the case where I try to login to my router settings. I have to click the empty space inside every single time for it to fill with the password or username. But this will never happen automatically like with Chrome.

How do I fix this? If this is not possible, then I can’t consider switching to Brave as a default web browser!

I have the same problem, have to click in the box and then select the account

I updated to latest version of Brave and the same issue is persisting. This means I cannot continue using this web browser unless someone can find a solution or setting that can resolve it.

Since nobody has come to provide a solution over the last 2 weeks. I think the best decision for me is to uninstall this web browser for now.

I will return to it as soon as someone can confirm that a solution has been found.

Surprisingly, there has been no response to this. I wonder if it is safe to depend upon such a browser!!

Do you have the auto-sign in option enabled in Settings --> Autofill?

Yes please. They are enabled. When I enter a URL, it asks whether the username and password should be saved and I click Yes. I have done this for several sites including gmail, facebook and Linkedin but it never works.


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