Manage devices or Start rewards from scratch

Hi Brave support team !

I use Brave for few years and need further advices.
I use your browser on my phone, my computer & laptop all with the latest version.

I reinstalled my phone and computer OS few times… So I burned all slots availaible for brave devices… I no longer receive my BAT on uphold and can’t claim it from Brave. It’s not a monthly issue, this happens since last year at least.

3 out of 3 of my reward wallets are connected & verified to Uphold.

I contacted Uphold support to ask : "Can I reset devices linked to uphold and start from scratch, or manage devices myself ? "

They replied :
“Thanks for getting in touch with Uphold. We’re proud to be a partner of Brave and will be glad to assist. For this kind of issue, it’s best to contact Brave directly.”

So here I am :slight_smile:
Can you help ?

Thank you for your assistance.
Best regards,

Same problem bro. I want to copy your post and creat a new topic. Please give me the permission.

Granted xD

Anyway, you don’t need my permission to do that, if you encounter issues you can report it.

Just let me know if you get any solution or usefull information.

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Ok bro. I’ll informe you.

Please do not create duplicate issues when someone has already created the relevant topic. Instead, it’s useful to include as much information regarding your setup as possible.

That said, at this time we’re not able to reset your devices in the way you’re asking. We are working on implementing systems that allow us to address this but they are not ready at this time. If you send me a DM with your wallet payment ID, I can take a closer look at the situation, because even if you’ve hit your limit you should be able to use/receive Rewards on your other devices.

If your wallet is verified, please go to brave://rewards-internals and send me a DM with your external wallet ID found on this page.

Ok bro i already DM you my wallet payment id

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