Can't verify Uphold Wallet


It seems that cannot claim my BAT rewards because I cannot verify my wallet. I have found similar topics on the forum, but none of those seemed to offer a solution that I could implement myself.

I could be very thankful if someone could assist me.

When I click the verify wallet button in the Brave rewards section there is a popup (topic: verify is optional) where I select continue, then there is an option to choose a wallet service, where I choose Uphold and Continue to Login. After this there is a split second pop up from uphold (It seems, I can’t read that fast) and then the pop up closes, I am back at Brave rewards tab and nothing has changed.

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Just to rule out 1 problem, go to brave://rewards-internals/
There under wallet info, check if you have a wallet payment ID.

I had this issue myself that brave did not assign my a payment ID and uphold was in that same loop as you described.

Thank you for the suggestion. It seems that External wallet info says Wallet status: Not connected. Otherwise the Brave wallet is Valid.

But as I described previously, I could verify the Uphold wallet.

okay. And under Event logs, do you see anything that says device limit or something?

Yes. There are logs with device_limit_reached key.

Is there a way to disconnect unused devices?

As for me, i became uphold user connected to brave browser, as iv reached the threshold of bat in my wallet that is required for verification in uphold.

Thanks for the input.

But if understand correctly “Uphold requires a minimum balance of 15 BAT to create an account.”

I already have an Uphold account, but it seems that maybe I have too many browsers (on different PCs) connected to Uphold (I think 5) But I never bothered to disconnect them, when I stopped using the some of the PCs.

You may get 1 device removed by the support. @steeven @Mattches etc.

Otherwise you have to wait. there is a tool for us to manage our “connected devices” in development currently. But there is no clear ETA. can take from a few days to a few months.

Also, you can not disconnect them currently. And also every fresh install means its a new device.

Every new install means new device might mean that i have a few more that are inactive and unreachable. Could those be removed as well?

You can only have 4. No more. 4 are allowed. The 5th will not connect.

Yes, I got that, thanks.
I would like to disconnect the unused ones. What do I need to do, in order to do so?

same issue as well

keeps happening had to verified at one point

Uphold is a wallet based on “multisig encryption of crypto transactions”.

QUOTE from Source:

Please note we do not support non-Latin IDs such as Chinese, Arabic etc


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Hello, I too am having this issue. I believe I currently have more than 4 installs. I would like to remove the old ones so I can verify this new one.

Thanks @xMovingTarget for helping.

@Themaksiest welcome to Community :smiley: if you would like to DM me all your wallet IDs I’d be happy to help.

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