Make Site Search Shortcuts (@tabs, @bookmarks, @history) editable for enhanced productivity

I am suggesting an enhancement to the current Site Search Shortcuts feature. While the existing shortcuts like @tabs, @bookmarks, and @history are incredibly useful, they require considerable typing. Making these shortcuts editable would significantly boost user productivity by allowing customization to shorter, more convenient alternatives.

For example, if a user frequently searches through open tabs, they could change the shortcut from @tabs to a single letter, such as t. This change would enable the user to simply type t followed by a space to quickly search and switch between tabs. Using the same technique, users can efficiently access bookmarks (@bookmarks → b) and history (@history → h) directly from the address bar.

It’s worth noting that Chrome initially offered editable Site Search Shortcuts, although this capability was later removed ( By reintroducing this feature, Brave browser has the opportunity to set itself apart and cater to users seeking enhanced productivity.

Thank you for considering this request.

I use Brave as a search engine, because I prefer to be on the home pages rather than directly searching the site or that page, but that’s because the pages I visit give me new information directly on the home page.

Although I don’t know if you mean this as such:

Go to the bottom, and you will find “Site Search”.

Or you mean this other one, I use both and I don’t give myself a hard time using the browser.


I apologize for the images in Spanish, but I would have to change the language of the browser and restart it would waste time hehe