Feature Request: Keyboard Shortcut for Viewing Tab-Specific History List (Without Having to Use the Mouse, But Using Keyboard Instead)

Hello Brave Community and Developers,

I am reaching out to suggest an enhancement that could streamline the browsing experience for users who prefer keyboard navigation. I’ve noticed that there isn’t a keyboard shortcut that replicates the function of clicking and holding the back arrow to view a tab’s specific history list.

For users who heavily rely on keyboard shortcuts, this addition could significantly improve efficiency and accessibility. It would be great to have a shortcut that brings up the history list of the current tab, allowing users to select a previously visited page WITHOUT USING THE MOUSE, BUT THE KEYBOARD (WITH A SHORTCUT) INSTEAD.

I believe this could be a valuable addition for many users. I would be grateful if this could be considered in a future version of Brave.

Thank you for your dedication to improving user experience.

Best regards,