Make Brave Appear as a Common Browser

I just learnt about browser fingerprinting and if I understood it correctly, the more common your fingerprint is, the harder it is for the website to pinpoint you.
Then I went on browser-detecting websites to see how well it identifies my browser (brave on linux) . It seems like brave reports itself as chrome but somehow it still got detected as brave.
There are so few people use linux that the websites knowing that I’m using linux could narrow me down.
I then changed my user agent to IE on windows and this time it identifies me as brave on windows.
Still, I think it would be nice for brave to have a feature that allows itself to properly disguise itself as a very common browser on a very common OS(windows) just like tor browser does.
I’m aware that making me appear as a different OS could result in websites serving me the wrong installer files and stuff so please make this feature to be toggled.

That is one way to do it. Another way is to randomise your fingerprint on each browser session, for each website. Brave follows the second method.

Brave already removes a lot of clutter from the user agent string and sends it in stripped down format. Hardened firefox, librewolf, tor are able to change their fingerprint to Windows one to cloak themselves in larger group. Brave (chromium) does not have this functionality.
Only extensions are able to do it.

The website via Http header, UA will identify brave as chrome but if you allow scripts on the website it will deploy javascript to detect if it is actually chrome or other chromium browser lile vivaldi, brave, ungoogled chromium etc.

Nothing can be done about it from brave’s side or any other browser as far as I know.

It can be done brave’s side via brave://flag. They might do it in future.