Make it possible for website to detect when you are using Brave

Currently, the browser identifies itself as Google Chrome. However, there are a lot of Chromium based browsers that add the name (like Edge for example).

I operate a lot of website, and I would like to be able to detect if people are using Brave. If they are not using brave, I would like to show them a message suggesting to start using it.

My main motivation behind this is, I like the idea of Brave rewards and privacy respecting ads, and I hope to be able to get my regular visitors to switch to Brave. However, I don’t want to permanently show a Brave banner, especially not to those that are already using it.

Hi, I’ve already requested this, here’s the answer:


Hi, my search engine “Qwant” simply uses an ad for everyone on their page (that they should switch to Brave). Too bad you don’t want to show it to everyone, but I guess there’s no other way at the moment?