Major crashing bug on latest release on MacOS!

Description of the issue: I’m experiencing a recurring crash after updating to the latest release.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. After previous crash, re-launch Brave Browser.
  2. Accept the offer to restore tabs
  3. Select an existing tab
  4. Press “Command-L” to attempt to selection the address bar. (or an arrow key, or another Command key)

Expected result: Brave doesn’t crash.

Brave Version: 1.49.128, Chromium 111.0.5563.110 on MacOS

Additional Information: I’ve disabled the only extension, and tried closing all the recently opened tabs. It seems nearly any command key combination triggers the crash, as well as arrow keys. But I’m using the browser right now, VERY CAREFULLY avoiding any command keys or use of the arrows.

Arrow keys don’t cause a crash when focus is on a text box, but on a Youtube tab, if the curson focus isn’t on the video, it crashes. Copy/paste work via contextual menus, but CMD-C or CMD-V will cause the crash to occur.

I’ll stick around a few minutes to respond to any questions.

I’ve duplicated this problem about 20x now. Even using Command-H to hide the app triggers the crash. If there’s a log file, I’d be happy to share some debug info. If I don’t get any questions or requests with a few hours, I’ll probably try logging off/on, restarting, and then reverting to the previous release version if the issue persists. But until then, I’ll leave the machine in this state, in the hopes of collecting any useful debug data.

After rebooting, the issue has resolved itself, for now. Other apps indicated a crash notice when I quit them, so there was definitely something wrong with the state of the system. If the issue recurs, I’ll be sure to post again.

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