Brave on macOS crashes regularly - Still!

Hi guys,

I appreciate your work and effort you put into this app. And I am aware that you have to be quite busy handling this and further development.

What REALLY disappoints me nonetheless is that you stop responding here: Brave on macOS crashes regularly although feedback as reqested was provided, as well as to personal messages!

It seems to me that you don’t have a solution for the constant crashing and, with all the reports send, can’t figure out what’s wrong! While I could understand if you state: “No, we can’t fix it! Go and use an other Browser.” not answering is bad style!

So, are you able to fix that problem or shall I go and get another Browser?

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After trying to isolate this issue for months now, I think, I stumbled on it.

Brave crashes on my mac when accessibility keyboard is enabled.
This happens consistently and is reproduceable every time.

1/ Enable Accessibility keyboard in mac Settings
2/ Open Brave
3/ Brave crashes (give or take a few seconds)

But if I disable the accessibility keyboard in mac Settings, then Brave works just fine, as I am typing this on Brave with the accessibility keyboard disabled.

I am going to find all the reports regarding this issue and paste this response, hoping that the Devs would notice this and do something about it, as it looks like the mac crash issue is being summarily ignored.

I’m new to Brave and I’ve been trying to use this browser for more than a couple of months now.
This is the first time that Brave hasn’t crashed within a few seconds (currently accessibility keyboard disabled in settings).

Brave version: 1.4.95
Macos Catalina: 10.15.3

Kindly acknowledge that someone is working on this issue, I’d like to know whether I should give up on Brave even before I can use it.


Yes, this issue was flagged recently in another thread and @Mattches found it was already in the queue. Hopefully it will be fixed in an upcoming release. It is still crashing Brave 1.7.28 Chromium: 80.0.3987.122 on macOS Version 10.15.3.

@randomshear @hnktong The "accessibility keyboard"issues has nothing to do with this topic!
The crashing as described is memory/cache related and despite plenty of asking again and sending crash reports and PNs I got no answer by neither @Aa-ron nor @steeven

This is really dissappointing!

Hi @pixi,

Apologies for the delayed response. We appreciate your patience and willings to work with us.

I’ve closed you’re previous topic:

So that we can continue the conversation in one spot. i.e here.

Now let’s get to the issue.
In regards to the accessibility keyboard topic other users keep mentioning. Can you confirm that you have accessibility keyboard disabled. (I know you mentioned it being a cache issue, but we need to check this off before we can continue)

@Aa-ron YES, it is off!
Otherwise I would have mentioned that my issues is solved too!

And I tested it as described and that caused the same results (crashing).

I’m going to suggest you do a fresh install.

Navigate to your Brave-Browser⁩ folder. Here is the path:
Users⁩ --> ⁨[name] --> Library --> ⁨Application Support --> BraveSoftware --> Brave-Browser⁩

Once you’re in that folder you should see another folder called Default. This folder will contain your bookmarks, extensions, etc. This is for you main Brave profile. If you have multiple profiles you’ll see other ones called Profile X, x being some number depending on how many profiles you made/deleted. Copy your Default folder to your desktop (and any additional profiles you have).

Delete and then reinstall Brave.

After the fresh install, you can then replace the new Default folder in Brave-Browser⁩ with the backup you saved to your desktop. If you’re transferring over folders called Profile X , you first will need to create a new profile, then empty that profile’s folder and replace the contents with the contents from the Profile X you want to copy. Just adding the profile folder will not show up in the list of profiles.

After everything above has been sorted. Please let us know if you’re still experiencing crashing.

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YES! It still crashes!

I thought I already had mentioned that: I clean-installed the whole App, even used the Nightly builds, before! Result: Nothing changes!
I did it again now, as you suggested, btw., with the same results. It even crashed on the first start up.

The only thing which works for me is to run: “rm -R /Users/MyUsername/Library/Caches/BraveSoftware” , log out and log back in!

@pixi, I know you said you tried using a private window. Did you try creating a new profile and using that? If not, can you try it, and let me know the results?

Being there, done that!

When you do:

How long does it take before it crashes again?

I avoid quitting Brave during the day. But for the sake of it I tried it right now and guess what… (it crashed right now, of course).
It was freshly installed one hour ago! And I just had this window open since then…

Running the rm is no prob, but logging out and back in is a “Your post contains a word that’s not allowed: P I T A” because I have some apps and windows running where the startup isn’t a snap.

It does not crash by itself, btw!

Can you elaborate more on this?

I can close windows, I can open new windows, once it is running everything is fine.

As soon as I quit Brave and try to open the app again, it crashes!

Here are the latest reports:
Crash Report ID 4df7dbdbe253e8cf (Local Context: 66ee4bc2-0ebe-4a37-b39e-2542e8ee3559)
Crash Report ID 4074882d1d263c9b (Local Context: 300c4af2-1d08-4877-ab1c-2137a59707a4)

Okay, to confirm. Brave crashes when you exit and try to reopen? And Brave also crashes by itself after just browsing for a couple hours?



As stated before:

As stated in your original post:

That was my very first assumption (crashing by itself) when Brave was off in the evening. Meanwhile I’m not 100% sure anymore if I may have quitted the app mechanically. I did NOT see it crashing by itself!

It does not crash by itself during the day.
It sometimes just - nearly - freezes when loading some pages. But let’s leave this aside for now and focus on fixing the crash.

Could you see anything in the reports I’d send you?

I too use Brave version: 1.4.95
Macos Catalina: 10.15.3 and was almost on the verge of giving up on Brave until I read your post. Thank you thank you thank you(Disabled access ability keyboard and it worked!

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