Steps to reproduce crashes on MacOS

Im using Brave 1.0.1 Mac and often crashes happened after update to Catalina.
After research, I found the settings to reproduce crashes in Catalina.

1 System settings > Accessibility Zoom preferences
2 Check “Enable Hover Text”.
Now, Brave always crash when you use it. (for exmple “command key + click”)

I hope fix this soon.

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Hi @Kenz,

Thanks for reporting! Have you installed any new extensions since the update as well?

I install the extensions follows.
uBlock, Google translator, FireShot & Night Shift.
When crashes happened, I try to remove them all but nothing changed.
After turn off the “Enable Hover Text” no crashes happened even with above extensions.

Additionally, if you try to reproduce it, please use the youtube website to open any movie.

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