MacOS Trackpad Gesture "Swipe between pages" (History) Often Randomly Stops Working

(See my latest post for the cause of this bug. Please fix.)
Description of the issue:
The MacOS trackpad gesture to swipe with two fingers between pages (navigate through history) randomly stops working after an unknown period of time. When attempting to swipe, instead of the arrow appearing and the page being changed, horizontal scrolling (rubberbanding / elastic scroll) occurs. It also normally slightly scrolls when swiping to change the page, but in the bug’s case, only the scrolling occurs – it is impossible to change the page by swiping. Command + { or } works, as do the < > buttons in the navbar. This bug only affects all active tabs when it occurs. A new tab or an inactive tab, which is later opened, do not face this issue. Refreshing a page affected by it does not fix the issue. I believe the only way to fix this is by quitting Brave. I am looking into how I can reproduce this, etc. and will add this info.

I have not tried this with other gestures than the default two fingers.

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Steps to Reproduce:
Unknown. Will happen after an unknown period of time.

Actual Result:
Only horizontal scrolling (rubberbanding / elastic scrolling) occurs.

Expected result:
Swiping to change the page works.

Reproduces how often:

Operating System and Brave Version:
Browser: Version 1.62.165 Chromium: 121.0.6167.184 (Official Build) (arm64)
OS: M1 Max, Sonoma 14.3.1

It seems that after a certain period it may start working again. Very odd behavior. Will keep looking into it.

Seems to be somewhat related to swiping to another virtual desktop / locking the laptop

After continuous usage, I have discovered that this occurs when my Mac goes into sleep mode for some time. After this, all previous navigation bugs occur. The hacky fix is to Command+Q and reopen Brave. Please fix.

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