Scrolling freeze when I do ctrl-W while having two fingers on the touchpad

This is a weird bug I came accross 6 months ago in: Scrolling touchpad works periodically

The bug
When I press ctrl-w (closing a tab) on a scrollable tab, and I’m having two fingers on the touchpad ready to scroll, touchpad scrolling stops working.

When this happens, if I try to scroll in the right opened tab (or if I wait long enough, or if I restart brave), touchpad scrolling resume working. I don’t know though why it works.

I did not understand what was the origin of the problem, and I realised it today while testing a bunch of stuff.

What I’ve tried
Everything that was mentionned in Scrolling touchpad works periodically

I also came across this bug even though I changed my computer. (Also had this bug while I was browsing on a friend’s computer).

Weirdly enough, this only happens on Windows10. I’m also using brave on a computer which runs on Ubuntu 20.04, and I’ve never had this bug.

Thanks for reading, and hope you can find a solution for this, I really like brave, but this bug is driving me crazy ahah

Has anyone come accross this issue?

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