MacOS Catalina + Brave: Brave Keeps Mounting An Installer Drive

Description of the issue:*
Every couple hours Brave mounts an installer drive on my desktop and opens a window asking me to drag brave to the applications folder. If I’m away from my computer for 5-6 hours, it will have mounted 3-4 of these installer drives when I return, with 3-4 windows asking me to drag brave to my applications folder. For a week I just ignored - ejected the drive, closed the folder. But it kept happening, so eventually I clicked the drive, ran the installer, and dragged the application to my applications folder (despite having brave installed already). No luck , keeps happening.

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Apologies, I would have no idea how to reproduce this issue.

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):
Sorry, I’d have to wait an hour or so to catch a screen shot - and I just want to send this now. WAIT! It just happened, so, see screen shot. lucky!

Expected result:
not sure I understand this - my expectations is that we’ll figure out a way to make this stop.

Reproduces how often:
Every couple hours.

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
Version 1.5.115 Chromium: 80.0.3987.149 (Official Build) (64-bit)
MacOS Catalina

Additional Information:

Just adding that this morning I awoke to 3 mounted Brave hard drives on my desktop - have we made ony progress on understanding? Should I just uninstall brave? If so how can I assure all my settings and passwords and bookmarks will transfer? Thanks!

Do you have any software on your Mac like Lingon ( or something that you can inspect all of the launchd jobs? Lingon is not free but I believe there is a free utility that will let you do this.

Can I assume that you have deleted the .dmg installer and that Brave is doing some kind of auto-check to see if you are up-to-date, thinks that you are not, and does the download. Does Brave have this feature (I’m new here.)

Is there an auto-update setting somewhere?

Have you actually done one of these update? Would not hurt to do so… perhaps that will fix the issue?

You say it only happens overnight. Do you have some kind of backup program like Carbon Copy that runs at night? Anything else that might be running each night?

thanks acanton77 - I have done the installer once out of curiosity and it didn’t change anything. not sure what it means to ‘inspect a launched job’ - and I don’t have Lingon. Would need support to figure this out. The updating happens all day long and at night - so not an evening issue alone. Don’t think there’s an auto update - but perhaps you could tell me? thanks.

perhaps also I can try an uninstall and reinstall fresh - but I’m fearful of losing all setting and bookmarks and passwords - perhaps you can tell me how to back them up so I can do an uninstall and reinstall and you can also walk me through how to do the uninstall?

Are you running the latest version: 1.15.123? see

Is the .dmg installer somewhere on your system… if so, get rid of it.

Have you tried to boot into safe mode and see if it happens in that mode.

In System Pref., -> Users, click the Login Items for your account and see if there is anything in there that pertains to Brave.

Why not download Lingon or LaunchCtl which you can use in ‘trial’ mode. This will let you see all the job that are run by Apple’s launchd system.

If you don’t want to do the above you can start up your Terminal program (from Spotlight or Applications -> Utilities ) and type in this command: sudo launchctl list

It will ask for your password… put it in and you will get a LONG list of launchctl jobs… scroll down and see if you see any reference to Brave.

You might want to download and run the free Onyx program with will do some housecleaning for you.

I hope you can find something that will stop these pop-ups.

great, thanks - I just ran and installed the DMG again to be sure, it says I’m now at version:
Version 1.7.92 Chromium: 80.0.3987.163 (Official Build) (64-bit)

does this square with you? you said latest was version 1.15.123 - way different

Searched the list from the ‘launchctl jobs’ no mention of Brave

Also nothing in the System Prefs -> users -> login items about brave

do you have any other ideas? If not, at a minimum can you let me know how to export all my bookmarks and settings and passwords so I can uninstall, reinstall and see if that helps?



You have the most current version: Version 1.7.92 Chromium: 80.0.3987.163 (Official Build) (64-bit)

For passwords go to the Brave Preferences, on left go to Additional Settings, got o Auto Fill, go to Passwords. Next to "Saved Passwords over to the right will be three vertical dots… click those and you will see Export passwords.

For Bookmarks got Bookmarks in top menu, Bookmark Manager and click the 3 dots and you will see Export.

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great, thanks - this has been helpful

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