Installer disc image keeps auto-mounting every hour or two

Hi, for some reason the Brave Browser installer disc image keeps auto-mounting every hour or two, which is especially weird as I’ve deleted the original installer disc image from my downloads folder and I can’t find another instance of it anywhere on the system.

Is this related to the Google kext issue? I used to have a similar problem when I ran Chrome for a while, which was why I uninstalled Chrome.

MacPro 3.1 Mac OSX 10.11.6

Hi @lubbdupp, Welcome to Community!
How long have you had Brave installed?
Can you confirm if you’ve removed the dmg file from your trash?
Also, can you confirm if you’ve restarted your computer?


thanks for your reply and yes I’ve emptied the trash and the machine has been restarted. Been using Brave on here for a week or so.

Kind regards,

Paul Gilbert

When you open Finder, do you see the image mounted under Locations and if so, can you hit the Eject button next to it and see if this resolves the issue?


yes that’s what happens and I know how to eject it, problem is every hour or so it mounts again and if I leave the machine on over night I can end up with 20 mounted disc images and also twenty open finder windows prompting me to drag the Brave app into my applications folder.

The question is: where is the disc image that keeps mounting itself?


Doing some prelim research, it seems that this issue is not specific to Brave but is an issue that the operating system can sometimes have. I would recommend reaching out to Apple support to get this resolved.

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