Header very large on resize in fullscreen #2

I use Brave in fullscreen and decided to enable the menu bar in fullscreen like so:

Now, when I have two brave windows in full screen and decide to resize them the header of Brave will glitch and become very large. This issue is not present when I decide to hide the menu bar in fullscreen:

2021-12-27 16.12.02

Your terrible community software settings caused to auto-close my original post AGAIN. Header very large on resize in fullscreen

I’m sick of it … -.- Please check the link to see I’m not the only one with this problem.

I’d also like to report that simple maximizing of Brave causes this issue as well, until I change spaces:

2022-03-27 5.07.56 PM

I reply to prevent this from being closed. Is there no Brave dev with MacOS who can replicate and look into this, maybe?

I just reply so this won’t get closed.

This issue is STILL not solved for me, could anybody from MacOS please confirm this issue for me?

Is no Brave dev using macOS and could test this for me? I’m really sad that nobody even attempts to investigate (as it seems), just because this won’t happen with default macOS settings. It’s still a macOS setting and not any add-on that causes this issue on Brave …

Please someone respond, this bug is really annoying as it wastes screen real estate.

Thanks in advance.


Mac OS version numbers?

Brave Browser for Mac version numbers?

You are actually using the Apple Mac Split-View in combination with Full-Screen.

You might try, via System Preferences > Dock & Menu Bar:

  • DISABLE: Automatically hide and show the menu bar in full screen

And then use Split-View.

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