Header very large on resize in fullscreen

I use Brave in fullscreen and decided to enable the menu bar in fullscreen like so:

Now, when I have two brave windows in full screen and decide to resize them the header of Brave will glitch and become very large. This issue is not present when I decide to hide the menu bar in fullscreen:

2021-12-27 16.12.02


My issue is still not gone. :confused:

“This topic will close a month after the last reply.” When do you disable this? Nobody seems to care my terrible experience with Brave in fullscreen, but at least allow this thread to stay open, maybe in a few years someone cares. This forum policy is shameful and allows responsible people to sit problems out instead of fixing them. No offensive, I am free to change my browser, but why can’t you just leave this issue open or close it with a comment, so I know where I’m at?

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I am experiencing the same issue. What is your OS?

I have the same problem with the fullscreen header on both Mac Intel and Mac M1. I am using all the current versions of OS and Brave. Have tried resetting, reinstalling, killing all extensions, removing pins, and so forth. No luck. Thought it might be triggered by having too many tabs, but that doesn’t seem like the problem either. Annoying!

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I have similar issue with Mac M1 just from maximising screen

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Thank you for confirming my issue, at least I know that I’m not alone with it, anymore. @ldissrh I use macOS Intel-based.

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