Lost profile information in Brave

I installed Brave on my HP laptop a few weeks ago (last modified 2020-04-22), and today when I tried to open the Brave browser using the task bar icon or the desktop shortcut, I am only able to get this profile page (upload://uBzSerk0VfIkY8c9PO99c91WpGi.jpeg). After various restarts, I’m unable to recuperate my account and the browser functionality. Any ideas of what I need to do?
I have no idea how this happened or how to reproduce this error.
Thanks for your help.

Can you reupload the screenshot @connectedhere?

while experimenting with the guess window i noticed that if you attach it to the task bar and then close the guess window, the next time it will open that profile window that brave is showing you.
after i clicked on my profile photo it opened the normal brave window, but now when i click the icon of what it’s supposed the brave guess window it no longer open the profiles window but the normal window.

so to this point i have to ask, @connectedhere have you tried to click in the “you” profile? :sweat_smile:

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Wow, no I did not click on the “you” profile as I was completely confused by that screen which I’d never seen before. Following up on your suggestion, my profile as well as the browser functionality has been restored! :sweat_smile: I hadn’t set up my profile name or icon so I did this, which will avoid any confusion in future. I’m new to Brave and to this chat, so I really appreciate your patience and input @eljuno and @JohnDproof, thank you so much! Kudos :pray: