Lost BAT when I recovered my wallet

I recently had to factory reset my computer and when I did I restored my wallet but 0 BAT is now the balance. I had over 140 BAT and can’t seem to find any solution on how to resolve this. Is there a solution or is there an email that I can reach out to to get this issue fixed?

the bat are saved locally on your computer, since you factory reset your computer all the bat were wiped with the rest of your data and is not posible to recover them, if you had verified the wallet with uphold you would at least saved the rewards you had at the moment

Wow… what a complete waste to force us to use uphold. I feel pretty burned and will no longer support this project.

If they are stored locally, it should be possible to backup those BATs somehow (too late, I know).

This seems to explain how, but it’s outdated: I tried just now and the options are different (no more recovery passphrase, just a hint to use Uphold). I think this explains why the recovery passphrase has been removed.

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Long story short, if you backup your browser user profile it usually works (but read the whole thing, sometimes it doesn’t).
My bet is that chances are better if reinstalling on the same machine/os with all the same paths/usernames/userids as before. A full backup, either of the whole system or maybe just the home folder, should work even better in theory.

I second that some reliable, documented way to backup the wallet locally is desirable, and the topic referenced from link “one” indicates that the devs are working on “alternatives” to Uphold but I do not know if those include a local backup. I have no idea what technical/security problems there could be.

Disclaimer: I don’t really know. I’m new to Brave. I just came across this question and those other topics while trying to understand how this BAT flies.

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You are right here, a thing I did was to clone the whole system from my HDD to a SSD and everything worked normally. Now I use the SSD and have a physical “backup” in case of a system fail

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Update and misc (sorry for the soup): … OK, enough silly jokes on bats for today

  • I wrongly said “alternatives”, the actual text says “custodian options”. Not sure if “custodian” is used in a loose sense here, even less sure I understand correctly, but “local/offline backup” sounds like the opposite of “custodian” to me (doesn’t a custodian hold the private keys, by the way?).
    It would be interesting to know if such backup is considered an option.
  • The What is KYC page states “We are working on bringing Gemini and bitFlyer (JP only) verified wallets to users.” No mention of local backup there either, but then again that page is specifically about the KYC legal requirement which obviously do not apply to backups.
  • The Roadmap 2.0 says “The foundation for mass adoption and use of crypto and DeFi will be the Brave Wallet, which will unify Brave Rewards, custodial accounts, and best-in-class non-custodial (i.e., the user owns their private key, best stored in a hardware device) accounts in Brave.” though, which means it is indeed considered.
  • The Brave FAQ still references the 24-words recovery passphrase.
  • The BAT Terms and conditions includes this puzzling statement: “At present, Brave users make anonymous donations to publishers using Bitcoin. The Brave Ledger System automatically donates an amount of Bitcoin to publishers proportional to the attention given to a website.”
    I find this particularly confusing since it is BAT, Ethereum based, and there’s even an explanation why Bitcoin is not fit for purpose (here). I’m definitely no crypto expert so I could well be wrong, but this looks like either a mistake or outdated information to me.
    Explanations and corrections both very welcome.

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