Did I lost all my ad BAT cause I had to buy an Uphold?

Thats pretty much it. Are all tokens just erase if you don’t have an uphold? I couldn’t collect 2 BATs so I guess I should’ve bought it with my own money. Am I getting it right?


Once you claim your rewards, they stay in you Brave wallet, even if you dont have a custodial wallet like Uphold, Gemini or Bitflyer.

From what I know they get lost in the following cases: you reinstall browser, or you didnt realise that autocontribute is ON.

How exactly do I claim it? It just started from 0 this month. I was hoping to collect 2BAT for uphold, but this way it will never happen

Nevermind. I finally found the text in settings that said that the tokens from previous month will be added in 7 days. Thanks.

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