Windows 10 wiped out Brave settings

Description of the issue:

I have been using Brave on a Windows 10 HP desktop for over a year. Today, I turned on the machine, which came up with the message “Preparing Windows”, and then gave me a different home screen than normal. I brought up Brave, and found all my settings and history had been wiped by Windows: all stats on ads blocked, all bookmarks and history, all open tabs. It acted like I was a first-time user. Can I get any of my bookmarks and settings back?

This is not something I did by installing a Windows update. Windows did this on its own, and even removed Brave as my default browser.

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Hi @dimsum, thanks for reaching out.
I want to check if windows somehow made you create a new profile.
Can you check for a circular icon in the top right? If so click on that icon and you can navigate between profiles.

No, to the right of the Brave Shields icon I have the triangle, and nothing until the Customize bars at the edge.

You were right. When I did a restart of the computer, it came up in my “real” userid. Everything is back to normal. Thanks.

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