Lost all my rewards credit after restored windows

Hi all,
I´ve restores my windows today maintaining all my configuration. It wasn’t supposed to delete my brave browser, but it did it. Now, after reinstall it, I discovered that all my rewards credit is gone. I have my Brave Wallet Private Key and my Crypto Wallets Secret Backup Phrase. I’ve tried adding my backup phrase to sync option, but apparently it didn’t bring my rewards back. My wallet is already verified with my uphold account. I would like to know how can I recover the credit I had from this month on my brave wallet. Thank you

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Hello @gero

go to reward setting then click on the setting on the following image
Screenshot from 2020-08-26 10-44-49

then choose restore then enter your wallet key then restore

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Thank you!
Thank you very much. Got it!

you very welcome and glad it worked :slight_smile:

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Thanks a bunch @justsomeone1!

you very welcome @steeven

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