All tabs lost on Brave mobile for iOS, is it possible to restore? (Sync was not on)

Hey there!

It’s the second time this happens to me: around 100 tabs that were opened in Brave Mobile (Version 1.31 (23)) on iOS 14.7.1 disappeared within a second.

Auto deletion of tabs is off, tabs sync is off, I didn’t install any updates & didn’t even close the app - I actually used it three minutes before the tabs disappeared and the app returned to the stage of innocence.

No recording available (and I doubt it’s possible since the last time it happened was months ago)

Have searched forum for answers, found nothing. Is it a known bug? Or is there at least a way to restore all tabs? I really, really need them…

Thanks in advance!

Does force killing the app and reopening does not help with lost tabs for you?

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Oh wow, it worked… Thanks a lot, should’ve tried it - but I was reluctant to close/restart it not to loose everything

No problem,
this means the tabs were still in database and relaunching the app reloaded them,
we’ve seen some reports about it, still unsure why does it happen

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