Loss of SCROLL keys (pgup, pgdn) functionality

In the past week, my laptop-keyboard’s scroll keys, i.e., arrow keys - pgup, pgdn no longer scroll, but now act just like the Tab key. They still work correctly on all other browsers I use Edge, Vivalsi, etc., but not on Brave. Is this a result of a Brave update, if not, can anyone guide me as to how to regain the straight forward scroll (non-tab linked) functionality? I’ve tried many work-arounds I found on YouTube videos but none worked to correct the issue, i.e., reseting preferences, Filter-key adj, etc,. I also noted that this happened around the same day that the chrome-flags-experiment to reduce the Hardware media key handing expired, reverting back to the much larger volume-control icon’s appearance. If you want a fix for that issue, I found it yesterday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TyMbBso1GY
Thanks, Jack

I just created a pic to help visualize the arrow-scroll-keys error. It works this way on every website but in the pic. I used the chrome flags site to demonstrate the error with Brave on the right-side and a different browser on the left.