Last Pass Scrolllbar Issues


Hi there,

So I thought this was an issue with LP until I just reailzed that on my other computer where I haven’t set up Brave yet, it’s working on Chrome.

I already put a ticket in to them, but obviously it’s a Brave issue.

It’s putting duplicate scrollbars & none of them work.

Here’s a SS -!dwcBXSiB!7cM3_sbzN6PBTXvqXW-tCSggITeBiIgO_UOiZvpQizc

And it has nothing to do with the shields, b/c I just tried it on a tab where I turned off the shields, & same issue.

Can you fix it soon pls. I can’t work without LP.


Is the screenshot of the LP extension or LP website?


This software is forcing me to type more words (20 characters) otherwise I can’t reply LOL

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Have you tried un/reinstalling the LP extension? I ask because I’m honestly out of ideas for this – at least with respect to how it relates to Brave. I’m unable to reproduce this reproduce this particular issue on any OS.

You could also try creating a new profile, installing the LP extension on it and see if you get the same results.

My apologies, I really do think it’s LP now.

They claim they can’t reproduce the problem, so I tested it on my other computer with Chrome & Fx & I had issues.

They continued to blame my browser telling me to set the browser back to factory settings & I told them no FKing way.

Lazy idiots.

Then I restarted both computers a day or so apart & BAMM, it started to work, but it’s still broken on Fx & now it’s highlighting everything as I scroll down on Brave & Chrome LOL

Sorry I made you do work for nothing.


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No worries! Better to reach out and ask anyway – appreciate your help :slight_smile:

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